Indigenous Law and Economic Development in the territory of the Mi’kmaw and Maliseet

Graduating from Dalhousie law school in 2003, Adam began his legal career pursuing historic legal claims for the Mi’kmaw under the specific claims process. It was his honour to be invited to do this work by lawyer, Chief Paul Prosper, of Paktnkek, NS. He works with Mi’kmaw and other Indigenous historians to comb and sift the long and often unjust history between the Crown and First Nations, finding, developing, filing and negotiating claims for compensation. In this work he has three objectives:

  • to create a polished and accessible record of the history of the First Nation and it’s lands under colonialism;
  • to rely on, partner with, and develop the historical and legal skills of as many in house First Nation individuals as possible;
  • to resolve the claims for fair compensation at the lowest legal costs and in the most cost efficient manner.

Adam is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta, with his roots in the historical Métis town of St.Albert, Alberta. His mother’s family, the Savard family, goes back to the settlement’s founding, and a map from 1882 shows his great grandmother’s father, Alexander Savard, to have a plot of 95 acres. Alexander’s father went west to Alberta after receiving scrip.

Adam was a recipient of the 1996 Aboriginal Youth Achievement award. He is a member of the Indigenous Bar Society and the Nova Scotia Bar. He thanks Ted Harrison, the esteemed Yukon artist for the use of his work on this site.